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meet pablo & lucas, founders of lupe technology

A different career path

“Solving problems to make something intrinsically better and providing a tangible benefit to the consumer is very satisfying.” Lucas is the co-founder of Lupe technology, and has developed the Pure Cordless alongside Pablo in Bristol, UK. Both Lucas & Pablo have always been inspired by engineering from a young age - in fact Pablo’s Great Uncle received the freedom of the city of London for his work on gas supply, and his Grandfather was an aircraft mechanic. Lucas & Pablo met while working in the research & development department of Dyson, where they learnt a great deal about what vacuum cleaners need to do and what makes them last. After seven years they felt the need for a new challenge.

Pablo Montero co-founder Lupe Technology Lucas Horne co-founder Lupe Technology

Pablo Montero & Lucas Horne, founders of Lupe Technology

Inspired to innovate

With a fresh outlook Lupe was founded, and the start of a new chapter began. Through hundreds of prototypes and tests, the team developed the patented Suction Intensifier technology to pick up dust more efficiently, and the unique Lupe Pure Cordless platform to carry it. The pure cordless vacuum cleaner has been designed and developed at Lupe HQ over the past five years, to be an outstanding cordless vacuum cleaner with extremely high standards of engineering & technology. “Without the constraints of a large organisation we believe we can do it better. We want to build on our experiences and challenge the way vacuum cleaners are thought of as throw away items to replace every few years.”

Lupe Technology inspired to innovate

A different business model

After realising that they might be able to disrupt the world of home appliances, the team questioned the common home tech business model - that relies on constant releases and new models. They decided that in an age of huge waste and environmental abuse, a substantial commitment to create socially & environmentally responsible products is vital. “Many companies launch 'new' products year after year which drives perfectly usable, or easily repairable product to waste. We need to do things differently.” Through developing a fully serviceable device, with an open supply of parts and upgrades, the team have created a vacuum cleaner that will be as long lasting as possible. That’s what differentiates Lupe from the majority of vacuum cleaner companies. “You don't throw your whole bicycle away if you want to upgrade a wheel or fit a new tyre - we take that approach to vacuum cleaners.”

Pure Cordless different engineering Lupe Technology different business model

Startup challenges

“Realising how little one knows when you think you know quite a lot, was the first challenge we had to overcome after forming Lupe Technology.” From finances to developing a fairly complex first product and getting it to the point of mass manufacture - being a startup has been very challenging.” After three and a half years of research and development, and two successful crowdfunding campaigns, the small team needed to bring the Pure Cordless to production. As well as building & testing prototypes, the team made use of advanced computational modelling techniques in order to ensure the longevity of the Pure Cordless. As well as developing technical aspects of the designs, they needed to figure out how to communicate their vison of engineering a cleaner world, through the Pure Cordless - they needed to make it look pure, powerful, and confident. After many many discussions, they settled on a simple colour palette, and a soft yet efficient & shape, that looks at home in a modern environment.

Pure Cordless color palette
“It’s an old cliché but don’t give up. Success is often just around the corner so if you believe in what you are doing then keep going. Speak to everyone and anyone - you never know who may be able to help or introduce you to the right contact.” Lucas Horne Co-Founder and Director of Lupe Technology
Pure Cordless fully realised

Built to Last

In an industry obsessed by sales numbers and profit margins, the Pure Cordless is unfashionably long lasting.

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