Lupe Certified Refurbished Has Landed

Lupe Certified Refurbished Has Landed

What do Champagne, Silly Putty and Super Glue all have in common? A fun prank? I like your style but you’re not on the right track. In actual fact all three were inventions created entirely by accident...And these are just the tip of the iceberg; You have serendipity to thank for a staggering amount of things in your life ranging from the microwave oven, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips and possibly more importantly Penicillin and the X-Ray machine...all were invented by pure accident. While surprising, it makes sense that some inventions happen through pure luck. When Swiss inventor George De Mestral was walking through the countryside, he noticed how burrs from plants stuck to his clothes and were hard to pull away. That gave him the idea for the two-part clothing fastener that he called VELCRO®.

You could say the Pure Cordless was also born out of a lucky observation but it was definitely not a happy accident. When our Co-founder Pablo Montero noticed exactly how many vacuum cleaners were ending up in landfill each year he knew something needed to be done and that there was a problem that needed to be solved.Landfill50% of small electrical appliances taken to waste processing in the European Union is from vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners ending up in landfills take hundreds of years to degrade; they cause rust and damage the soil with their metal components. “This would reduce the soil nutrients, stunt plant growth and contaminate groundwater” (Can You Recycle Vacuum Cleaners? and “the toxic fumes produced when the metals or plastic components of vacuum cleaners are burned in landfills are harmful to the environment. They are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and over time, pile up in our atmosphere poisoning our soil, and the water we drink and other animals, and the air we breathe in”.

In our blog post ‘Right to Repair: Can We Fix It, Yes We Can' we discussed the flaws of ‘built in obsolescence’, a business model that’s been around since the 1920’s, when manufacturers teamed up to purposefully limit the lifespan of their products. The continuation of this model along with the need for cheaper, new products are the main drivers for vacuum cleaners ending up in landfill in volume.

Cleaning Up the Industry

The simple solution? Design a vacuum cleaner that is built to truly last, that is easily repairable with readily available spare parts and that performs so well that a new and better model will not be quick to supersede it. Pablo co-founded Lupe to engineer a cleaner world; to create only the products that we should - not just products that we could. The Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner is proud to be durable, using the best components and materials with easily replaceable parts and every single feature integrated to the highest possible specification for long-lasting ownership, making upgrades available to battery packs and motors as technology moves on.Pure Cordless RepairWe all need great performing products but in an age of huge waste a more conscious effort is required to make essential products last just a little longer. It's our founding principle. But what else can be done? The carbon footprint we do have, we offset and we aim to be carbon negative during 2023 and will conduct a detailed assessment of our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and formulate our carbon negative plan to put into action.

“Everything is perfect, but there is a lot of room for improvement” - Shunryu Suzuki

There is always room for improvement; something we have always wanted to do is to offer refurbished products. Why? Repairability and re-use is part of our DNA...if we didn’t offer products that would otherwise be rendered unwanted because of a scratched box or a marked machine, it would be incongruent with what we are trying to achieve and the changes we are focused on making.

Without further ado, we are thrilled to introduce to you the ‘Lupe Certified Refurbished’ Pure Cordless. Our team of engineers have been working to find a way to reduce waste and to ensure we are doing all we can to re-use and repair. Lupe Certified testing involves rigorous testing that meets the same standard as our new ones, allowing us to offer refurbished Pure Cordless vacuum cleaners to be readily available to purchase to include a 1 year warranty and a signed checklist inside each box.Lupe Pure Cordless‘Lupe Certified Refurbished’ are readily available to buy in the UK as of today, and will be available worldwide at a later date. Your Lupe will arrive "like new", The same high performance, for £100 less than full price at £399. with maybe a few minor scratches and marks. Returns are still easy and every Refurbished Pure Cordless comes with the same no-quibble return policy.

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Built to Last

In an industry obsessed by sales numbers and profit margins, the Pure Cordless is unfashionably long lasting.

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