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As seen in

"The Rolls Royce of vacuums"

"The Rolls Royce of vacuums"

As seen in

Clean well: Unparalleled useful suction at the head of the vacuum
Clean quickly: One head (no changes) and 60 minutes of outstanding power
Buy once: Made for long-term ownership; access to spare parts, easy to buy and replace. Learn more here

Try it at home for 90 days, no cords attached.

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built to last

In a category that favours fashion over functionality the Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner is proud to be durable with easily replaceable parts and every single feature integrated to the highest possible specification for long-lasting ownership.

best performance on the market

Thanks to its patented Suction Intensifier, sealed in for maximum suction all the time, the Pure Cordless delivers the strongest and most efficient suction of any cordless vacuum cleaner out there.

…seriously. see how we compare

Don’t just take our word for it. The test results by independent vacuum cleaner reviewer “Vacuum Wars” say it all.

Lupe had the highest result across dozens of machines, including corded ones.

See the full 10-minute video from Vac Wars  here.

enduring power for an hour

With cordless, it's not just about how much suction you have, it's how long you have it for. The Pure Cordless has been designed to work outstandingly well on its lowest power setting with a full 60-minutes of proper dust cleaning performance.
Hard to believe? Look at the graph above.

one head. all surfaces. all debris covered

Born from the Lupe design philosophy; innovate what you should do, not just what you could do, the Pure Cordless has one cleaner head that provides optimum pick up across different surfaces and debris types. No messing around while cleaning up your mess.

Lupe Pure Cordless vacuum cleaner head design

how we do it

How did Lupe do something that the others, with all their resources, haven’t?

Sometimes it's just taking a fresh look that counts. Beneath Lupe’s unassuming exterior lies an innovative design to maximise performance:

  • High power brush bar, perfect for cleaning hair and deep down dirt
  • Patented central inlet and counter rotating design enables optimum pick up from all surface types while maintaining high suction
  • Patented composite roller with soft inner core makes a dynamic seal conforming to all surfaces, but still allowing for the collection of large debris that the competitors have to lose a load of suction to do
  • Air tight and tough outer skin eliminates unnecessary leaks, and maximises suction